Logistic Park Development


PISL stands as India’s premier construction company, renowned for delivering exceptional services across diverse sectors. With a vast portfolio exceeding 8 million sq. ft., PISL embodies enthusiasm, hard work, and integrity. Committed to excellence, we’ve successfully crafted numerous projects, spanning millions of square metres, over our 13-year journey. Our unwavering ethical standards and strong track record make us a trusted industry leader in logistic park development.

Services ( design, procurement, and construction )

1. Design:

PISL’s design expertise transcends aesthetics, focusing on robust foundations that endure the test of time. Our dedicated architects envision and execute projects that redefine skylines, represent architectural excellence and enrich lives.

2. Construction:

PISL Infra specialises in constructing industrial backbones with a keen eye on functionality, durability, and space optimisation. Our experienced team ensures meticulous planning and execution, delivering exceptional results. Whether it is large-scale warehouses or specialised facilities, our warehouse contractors contribute to streamlined operations and business growth.

3. Procurement:

Through smart sourcing, efficient procedures, and high-quality products, PISL’s procurement sector offers considerable value. We ensure timely and cost-effective procurement with our vast network and industry experience, facilitating the flawless execution of warehousing and industrial initiatives.¬†

What Makes Us Different (Our Capabilities)

1. Cutting-Edge Industrial and Warehousing Spaces:

PISL sets itself apart by delivering top-notch Grade-A infrastructure tailored for our BTS (Built-To-Suit) clients. Our commitment to excellence permeates every aspect, guaranteeing efficiency and quality in both design and construction for every project.

2. Tech-Driven Innovation:

PISL welcomes the future through the strategic integration of information technology. We use cutting-edge techniques to expedite procurement procedures and efficiently manage construction timelines. This technological integration allows us to deliver projects with more precision and agility.

3. Precision in Execution:

At PISL, execution is at the heart of our services. We guarantee our clients a smooth and accurate execution across all of our solutions, ensuring that their investment is maximised and their vision is fulfilled. 

4. Strategic Financial Approach:

PISL is at the forefront of India’s thriving warehousing industry, providing not just secure but also profitable financial opportunities. Our dedication to a balanced and prosperous financial perspective is in sync with the industry’s rapid expansion, assuring a safe investment for our clients.